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    Country, one aluminum: adhere to the people-oriented, to build a harmonious enterprise

    In recent years, as companies within the industry structure , significant organizational restructuring and workforce structure , human resources management to the enterprise has brought unprecedented difficulties and challenges. More than 400 employees of foreign companies accounted for more than 60%. Facing the new situation, the company clearly understand the current and new problems encountered in human resources , in order to achieve the harmonious development of people within the company , the first is to build mutual respect, understanding, trust and good interpersonal concern. Secondly, we must establish the concept of human resource is the first resource , respecting labor, knowledge , talent , respect for creation . Third , we must promote the overall development of the people concerned and , the most fundamental is to improve the overall quality of people that improve people's level of education , culture and taste, the pursuit of spiritual and moral . To this end the company to treat foreign workers do due diligence, service and powerful obvious, workers trust, corporate human resources continue to explore new ways to adapt to the new situation work required to further improve the work pattern , innovative ways and means to improve the organizational structure , improve the running mechanisms to strengthen capacity building, improve their work .
    An institutional building , maintaining the interests of employees .
    Conscientiously implement the right to information , participation, expression and the right to supervise the staff, and actively carry out wage equal consultations , signed a wage agreement work . According to the enterprise wage distribution system , in the form of wage distribution , wage levels and other matters on an equal footing with foreign workers , wage contracts signed , safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers .
    Sign labor contracts with foreign workers , according to the provisions of labor law , the company determined not to recruit minors. In accordance with regulations , have signed labor contracts with employees to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Achieve " equality of eight " : the signing of labor contracts are equal ; wages are equal ; mention rank promotion of equality ; participate in social insurance are equal ; labor dispute handling equality ; difficulty helping equality ; equality of education and training ; culture and entertainment are equal. Social insurance for foreign workers , so that they get social security, also suffered injuries due compensation . Accurate and timely payment of wages : the company attaches great importance to the payment of wages , accurate accounting of each month , the 5th timely payment of wages . Never lose the trust of the people.
    Second, the establishment of an effective mechanism to solve practical problems.
    The company has been the care and education of foreign workers as a primary priority, bold exploration, conduct foreign workers admonishing activities. On the one hand the difficulties , confusion persuade migrant workers , probation , encouragement and education, on the other hand through the education of foreign workers living examples, improve ideological and moral standards and the legal concept of foreign employees. Rights of foreign workers to do the work led by the Business Administration , responsible for conducting the workshop director , the company also specially invited to a "foreign employee rights to consult a lawyer ," the company on a regular basis to solve difficult problems encountered by migrant workers , migrant workers formed an effective activist work effectively mechanisms to provide legal advice for migrant workers platform.
    Third, based on psychological characteristics , strengthen education management.
    Most of the company's foreign employees workshop production line operatives , repetitive manual labor majority. Although their jobs relatively fixed , but staff turnover has been more frequent. Some workers who hold the mentality to try everything , and some too low wages, and some too labor-intensive , these reasons will lead to foreign workers leave their jobs at any time . These foreign workers away from home , work stress, job stress, interpersonal narrow field of amateur life monotonous , individual activities , less cooperative groups are craving understanding and help from the community , there is the desire to be organized. In addition , foreign workers mostly lower educational level , the ability to accept new things weaker groups , therefore , different levels of foreign workers will gather together , is the urgent demand of the foreign employees. How to guide , train and develop a culture of high quality and with morality , master foreign workforce enterprise technology and business, is a priority for our company .
    Some were active , serious , requiring motivated to develop their foreign employees in a timely manner as party activists , party members arranged two long-term follow Ideological education , once mature promptly absorbed into the party ranks ; for some good moral character , upright style , business skill, strong management capabilities excellent staff promptly recommended as squad leader with the class teacher , workshop director or manager , the past few years , there have been 16 foreign staff as excellent leadership positions ; in peacetime work, focusing on exploring foreign workers the bright spot on the advanced models appropriately timely recognition and reward. So that foreign workers consciously form a " rise and fall , I also have responsibility for " thinking.
    Fourth, Internati foreign workers , promote healthy living .
    Our employees as an alien vibrant social forces push them to play a role in real life , " it is necessary to warm concern , but also strict requirements ." Inspire and guide the use of self-education approach, advocating friendship and mutual assistance in foreign workers in a new relationship , optimistic attitude towards life , civilized and healthy life pursuit. Note that different levels of education , different levels of awareness of foreign staff to make different educational requirements. Using different teaching methods to make conscious educated foreign workers to form a positive attitude , creating the best environment for ideological and political work , to play its proper role in guiding . We also continue to strengthen ideological and moral , scientific and cultural , democratic and legal aspects of foreign staff education, effective organization and management of them, and continue to meet their need for spiritual and cultural life , advocate a civilized and healthy life entertainment.
    ( A ) adhere to the people -oriented, caring staff of life . Company leaders are very concerned about the lives of migrant workers , identify problems and timely solutions . If installed in restaurants, dormitories Digital TV allows foreign workers in their spare time watching ; build bathhouse allow employees time to wash the hot bath ; company leadership workshop under the regular line Wenhanwennuan send cool summer drink ice sent regularly condolences difficult employees.
    (B ) the establishment of a warm home , Internati foreign employees. Staff married, leadership came forward Hershey ; establish birthday files for employees. Staff birthday , birthday cake release , general manager signed birthday greetings issued a red envelope . Sentence birthday greetings , seemingly trivial , but it reflects the company's enhanced level of care to employees , played a rapport , communicate feelings , enhance cohesion, solidarity and attractive role , greatly encouraged the enthusiasm of the staff , and effectively promoted carry out all work in harmony .
    (C ) the establishment of health records, health care staff . To protect and promote the health of employees , so sick early detection, early treatment, early recovery ; disease early attention, early action , early prevention. Company Information Weifang military sub hospital examination centers regularly every year in July for a free checkup for employees , so that employees feel the company really care for their physical and mental .
    (Iv ) strengthen legal education and improve the quality of staff . To enhance the legal awareness of foreign employees, the company invited the legal system given the police station to help migrant workers to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests , watch the warning education , safety education DVD discs. Improve ideological and moral cultivation of foreign workers and legal awareness , do understand the law , law-abiding workers , and held " safety," "Labor Law ", " the fire of knowledge ", " marriage" and other close-knit learning, training and seminars, for foreign employees increase their knowledge, acquire skills , improve quality, and to display their talents to create good conditions.
    Through the above measures , so that the majority of front-line employees the company truly feel the love , feel the warmth of the family company and thus harder to do a good job .
    Five themed activities , build spiritual pillar
    Most of the company's foreign employees from the remote mountainous areas, some came here accustomed to life here , leaders of various departments workshop Often they talk , understand and hear their voices and demands , and constantly improve their work. According to the characteristics of young people , often organize them participate in some healthy activities . As knowledge contests, sports activities , travel and so on.
    ( A ) the use of traditional festivals legal holidays and activities . Cherish the memory of martyrs festival organized staff , cherish today happy life ; Dragon Boat Festival dumplings distributed free to publicize the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan , cultivate the spirit of patriotism ; Mid- free distribution of moon cake , moon organizational staff , training of staff cooperation , harmony style and spirit of collectivism ; seven , a whole body of party members held a forum to talk about the great achievements of the party . National Day , New Year and other festivals organize a series of celebrations. Further strengthen foreign ideological and moral education of employees , establish a correct outlook on life , world outlook and values ??. Promote the growth of foreign workers , and promote the development of enterprises.
    (B ) to encourage foreign employees travel activities. Use Qu has rich tourism resources of this unique condition , encourage employees to use their spare time to the various tourist attractions , relax in order to foster love for the motherland 's great rivers and mountains thoughts and feelings .
    (C ) In order to enrich their spare time , the company set up a basketball court, the establishment of " an aluminum table tennis country club" year round activities ; also give employees a fun and exercise space. During festive seasons , companies, trade union organizations of the meaningful competitions , allowing foreign staff had an enjoyable holiday , make them feel the warmth of family , alleviate their homesickness , and enhance the cohesion of foreign workers , stabilize the foreign workforce. Yes, the foreign employee's work is hard, but their life is colorful . They often said emotionally: the care and support of leadership , a colleague 's help and encouragement, Zaikuzailei worth it.
    Six measures simultaneously, to build a harmonious enterprise .
    Masses of workers actively expand the service channel , build contacts and serving the people working system from solving the majority of employees are most concerned about , the most direct and most practical interests as the starting point , the maximum increase harmonious factors and reduce disharmonious factors to create the majority of employees sharing a harmonious situation.
    ( A ) to the warmth to foreign employees , so that they jointly celebrate the joyous and auspicious Spring Festival , the annual Spring Festival company for all foreign workers free round-trip ticket purchase Spring Festival , tickets , all foreign employees always leave early , evening to prolong them with family reunion time . In order to leave the New Year in the company of foreign employees can feel the New Year , and as busy at home , as happy , organizational gathering feast thanks and sympathy did not go home New Year's foreign employees. Just ordinary dinner gathering a few seats , but filled with warmth and happiness in every possible way , loaded with the warmth of the family company .
    ( B) The Company fully demonstrated the spirit of love in the face of various major disaster . In 2008, faced with the earthquake , the staff quickly organized and carried out a series of earthquake relief donation activities. Sichuan employees for the opening of free long-distance calls to understand the situation and condolences to the affected employees , the company 600,000 yuan in donations , while production director Comrade Wang Jian faction led by eight commandos fought 40 days and other support staff for the Township of Beichuan County, Guangxi cloud Village 35 settlements resettlement board room 160 sets to solve the housing problems of the victims ; 2009 tennis tournament for the county enterprise workers contribute 50,000 yuan ; 2010 for the municipal corporation organized Yishan climbing competitions sponsored 80,000 yuan ; poor staff Ding Xianglin way to work rider falls , resulting in fractures collarbone , company leadership and lead the workshop director donated nearly 7,000 yuan ; foreign workers Su Aimin injured in accidents , the company leadership has been to the hospital to visit and give meticulous care in their daily lives . This series of initiatives to educate the general staff and probation for building a harmonious enterprise has played a pivotal role.
    Through a series of initiatives to foreign employees of care and caring , warm people, reassure , condensate people, gather people, to win people's hearts , happy people, and then mobilize and motivate employees to participate in a foreign enterprise development initiative and creativity , but also to further build and create the company's warm and harmonious situation.

    ( Contributed Wang Yongzhou )

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